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  1. hundogod

    "Money on my mind like a snapback.. if it's rodents in ya circle set a rat trap, choppa round of applause like a hand clap, chasing money Ian tired runnin HELLA laps.. wat it do tell ya operation cash in people out call it gentrification, let me show you like a demonstration take tha game over quick system regulation" -jtgroovy

  2. 808moonsquad

    Let's work

  3. timmycloverbeats

    @808moonsquad lets do it fam

  4. 808moonsquad

    Send it!

  5. timmycloverbeats - FULL VERSION

  6. lavishbeatz

    Awesome Page

  7. rnecaisemidichaos

    Damn that sounds good!! I like the atmospheric sounds and the breakbeat.!!

  8. g_vani_king

    That's 🔥 🔥

  9. murdoc_faceless

    I murder beats for a living.

  10. snoopakaroleplyr

    Wea u frm...dat 🎶...luv dat....u in Mia

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