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    #raindrops  😢😍😘 Carporn forevs...

  2. timmpshhhhh

    Do it with a lighter 😂

  3. laydekay

    Yeah do it with a lighter! ^

  4. jaymazing

    @timmpshhhhh thanks for giving @laydekay the idea 🤔😂🖕🏽

  5. laydekay

    Haha 😏

  6. mikekjose

    Wasting water ☝️

  7. jaymazing

    @mikekjose drought is over 😂

  8. daneeks

    @back_werd, didn't you want to get this done?

  9. jaymazing

    @daneeks should've told me! You need it too 😛

  10. hotgrip

    i wanna spray my cum on it

  11. jaymazing

    @totranada you so nasty I like that.

  12. vertexs14

    That's what it does with out ceramic if you don't wash your car for months!!! Hahahah

  13. jaymazing

    Lol no wayyyy @vertexs14

  14. vertexs14

    @jaymazing with saran wrap 😂

  15. richng

    What a waste of drinking water

  16. jaymazing

    The only water this car touches #distilledwater  @richng 😂

  17. richng

    @jaymazing my baaaadddd #distilledwater 

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