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Love the finished results of this bespoke storage and display unit built for a beautiful home in Teddington. Designed and made by Fitted Lifestyles
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  1. fittedlifestyles

    @sophiamosalski I'll tell the flooring guy !!!

  2. sophiamosalski

    This flooring does so much for me 😍

  3. zoolaco

    ✌😄 !!!

  4. rocco.fiumara


  5. dibind_boston

    Don't Trash Your Furniture

  6. onelovecocoa

    Love this

  7. ukverisure

    Great space

  8. fittedlifestyles

    @joecasey I'll put you on the friends and family waiting list!!!

  9. joecasey

    Wow - I want one

  10. fittedlifestyles

    @jessicazhang_uk thank you!

  11. fittedlifestyles

    @insjinyuan thanks !

  12. jessicazhang_zlj

    Gorgeous! Love it!

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