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Our kind of beach setup #thegildedway


  1. dreamqueenscatchers

    Um HI. Add a dream catcher and I could here forever

  2. morganalyssa_stone

    ahhh! this looks incredible. 😍

  3. krystalcarty

    This is my dream office 😅

  4. annamcohenblog

    So so dreamy!😍

  5. daniellea_bosslipsandbeauty

    Perfect hideaway@✨☀️

  6. foxandhoundcreative

    This is SO DREAMY

  7. haleyit

    Boozy brunch spot dream

  8. detoxontherocks

    This is perfection!

  9. tjssinfullysweetcakes

    Omg this looks amazing 😍

  10. shoplemonbug

    That is a totally awesome beach setup!!

  11. passportandrose

    This is sooo dreamy want to have dinner there!

  12. callejaeevans

    The dream - to actually recreate this set up on the beach!

  13. thenutritionaddiction

    Um yes please. This looks better than my tiny beach towel and bottle of tequila and plastic cups 😭

  14. brittanykrystle

    That's my kind of set up!

  15. thecarlylately

    Need a beach day!!!!

  16. tiffanywoodxo

    ugh i want to stay in this pic forever

  17. gildedarrow

    @callejaeevans totally 🦄 as soon as we have all our products in we're so doing this ✨

  18. cocosmileuk

    If only london was a beach right now. Its 34 degrees and way toooo hot.

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