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— did you see the solar eclipse today? — use my mercari code "XDSMNM" when signing up for $2 to spend on slime or anything!


  1. leia906_

    Nope u live in England

  2. shirleyy.233

    Nope 😭

  3. itzsinta

    No coz I live in Australia

  4. xx_.mika._xx

    No cos I live in England

  5. angood4120


  6. jaimedogtastic

    Yes it was on my birthday

  7. bella.406

    @justsumslime dang

  8. bat_backpack

    Where did you get the beads?

  9. gabitads04

    Yes I saw it but barely

  10. andrea_epac

    Ya amazeballs

  11. slimeykoshy

    @bat_backpack michaels or amazon

  12. bat_backpack

    @slimeykoshy thanks!

  13. slimeykoshy

    @bat_backpack npp 💛💛

  14. poppingballoon3s

    No kidding this just popped up on my explore

  15. its_lainey_bug


  16. alexmcgory

    I stared straight at the sun and saw it...

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