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  1. theslimecabin

    @kassandramaatouk rip

  2. theslimecabin

    @loliislove Cheshire Cat smells like cocoa butter

  3. kassandramaatouk

    @dizney_slime its still really good tho u r one of my fave accs

  4. theslimecabin

    @kassandramaatouk thanks! Also I didn't pop them bc it's a booootter slime and bootter slimes don't have good bubble pop noises lol

  5. kassandramaatouk

    Where do u get ur clay???

  6. theslimecabin

    @kassandramaatouk etsy

  7. soho.slimes

    I love your videos 😩😩😩

  8. tomletslime

    omg, can't wait to get that slime 😍

  9. theslimecabin

    @tomletslime there is only 1 left ❤❤

  10. theslimecabin

    @soho.slimes thank you!!!

  11. oliyeen

    Wait but isn't a giveaway meant to be free that doesn't make sense

  12. janyau_4_sports

    You should make a Star Wars slime😂😉

  13. slimesbymickey


  14. illy.slime

    Can u post a vid of it together please?? I really want it but I wanna see the color it turns into

  15. theslimecabin

    @illy.slime it's a soft mauve rose color, similar to @theslimehive Amanda's Dr. Butter slime

  16. illy.slime

    @dizney_slime thank you!!

  17. theslimecabin

    @illy.slime no problem💕

  18. matthewlovessushi

    I'm not trying to be mean but think u shoulda made this a lavender color

  19. younce.lyssa

    Her nails match the slime 😂

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