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via: @raindropslime did you see the solar eclipse? I did not 😭 your 4th emoji is your reaction when you see the eclipse!


  1. lilligracehawn

    yes i saw it 🍕

  2. aaliyahhobson

    I saw it an oml it was BEAUTIFUL IT WAS A PERFECT RING

  3. darkflare_346

    No too lazy

  4. unicorns_girl_27

    I saw it at Charleston

  5. alone.slimes

    I live in Canada so no

  6. redroxy2007

    😇 i did not see it but here is the emoji

  7. abbykruse_

    😒 I saw it but nothing really happened

  8. bellaevea


  9. ashlynn.renae06

    It barely shown where I live

  10. ashlynn.renae06


  11. bruhh_itz_zy

    I did at school😜😜

  12. queen._.karyssa._

    I did 😋😋

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