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Clay Mixing! 🌈🌈 Did you guys watch the eclipse? 🌒 📸cr: @slimetik - Follow @slimedwarf for more posts like this one! - Follow my back-up account @slimedwarfbackup in case something happens to my original account! I will give you a likespam if you do ✨ - Use the hashtag #SlimeDwarfNotice  to be featured (and followed)! - Tags: #fluffyslime  #floam  #slimepressing  #slimemixing  #slimeaccount  #slimecommunity  #slimeasmr  #crunchyslime  #butterslime  #slimepoking  #slimetutorial  #fishbowlslime  #slimerecipe  #satisfying  #foamslime  #slime  #bubblegumslime  #stressrelieving  #anxietyrelief  #sweetdeco  #slimevideo  #asmr  #asmrcommunity  #asmrtingles  #tingles  #squishy  #squishies  #spam  #kawaii 


  1. fluff.galaxy

    Yes!!! It was amazing!!

  2. shimmeryy_slimee

    Oml thank you for liking my video! I was hoping if you can give me a shoutout I made an account on dedication to you so thank you ❤️ thanks with love ❤️

  3. unique_slimey

    It's so pretty I love it

  4. slimedwarf

    Aww no problem! You're too sweet! 🙈

  5. slimedwarf

    @sliime.corner That sucks 😭

  6. slim3y.tacos

    Ok so you find the best videos ever and I didn't get to see it because right as totality (I can't spell 😂) started a cloud covered it 😭 😂 so I watched it on tv

  7. slimedwarf

    @slim3y.tacos Omg 😭😭

  8. squishyglue

    yea boi i looked at it without any glasses on because i'm a savage :')

  9. slimedwarf

    @squishyglue How are your eyes doing? 😱

  10. squishyglue

    @slimedwarf i mean so far they're fine. i think my eyesight is getting worse than it is. i don't have a strong prescription but i might need a stronger one, whoops. :')

  11. slimedwarf

    @squishyglue Omg, I hope they won't get worse than this! 😔

  12. squishyglue

    @slimedwarf i'm sure i'll be fine :) but thank you!

  13. poopmckgee

    Yea they evacuated the school so that we could watch the eclipse and the school gave everyone glasses