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My turn to do the dishes today 😫 #puppychores


  1. ourdoodlehenry

    Oh, I love licking the dishes! Fav chore, paws down🍴

  2. my_name_is_molly_

    Just lick em clean 😬

  3. hopeelizabeth07

    You should try lickin dem instead ! It's my favorite part of da day! 😜🥓🌭🍔😬

  4. chewbaccathepoodle

    Aw!!! Fun! Just clean them with your 👅 cutie!!!

  5. ruthie_the_pitbull

    I love doing the 🍽 too!!🐾❤️

  6. wall_e.the.poo

    What a cutie!

  7. that_dood_brody

    You are soooo cute!!

  8. moochtheminipooch

    I cleaned some of them with my tongue.. but shh don't tell my humans ☺️


    you are such a good helper sweetie!

  10. moochtheminipooch thank you ☺️! I'll do anything for some peanut butter 😋

  11. goldenboodle

    Wow slay

  12. gracie_thegoldendoodle_

    Thanks for the follow. You're so cute!


    Ok - now I could use this little helper!! Super cute ❤️

  14. olivedoodledoo

    That's my fav spot, too 😜

  15. koonsaa

    @simonjuncaj golden doodle 😍

  16. delilahthespringerspaniel

    I love to lick the dirty dishes. Mom always yells at me to get out of the dishwasher. By the way, you are a cutie pie!!!💕🐶

  17. moochtheminipooch

    @delilahthespringerspaniel aww thank you 😊

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