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Never a dull moment with these two! • #mtgirlsandpups #rydertheboxer #rufustheboxer #outdoorwomen #albertaadventuregirls #explorealberta


  1. aidanjhaynes

    keep up the amazing work!

  2. amandamcnally_

    Thanks @kingiyube215

  3. amandamcnally_

    Nice! @hitched_alans_travels

  4. hitched_alans_travels

    @amandamcnally_ that's great 😁 I have been in Calgary since 2013?

  5. amandamcnally_

    Yes, born in Alberta and never left! @hitched_alans_travels

  6. hitched_alans_travels

    @amandamcnally_ yea for sure. Are you from Alberta ?

  7. amandamcnally_

    👌🏻☺️ it was @kurgo

  8. amandamcnally_

    There's tons! Hard to fit everything you want to see in haha @hitched_alans_travels

  9. kurgo

    Looks so refreshing! 😍

  10. hitched_alans_travels

    @amandamcnally_ yea, we had never been there before. We live in Calgary/Fernie and there is so much to see and do.

  11. amandamcnally_

    It's a great spot 👌🏻 @hitched_alans_travels

  12. hitched_alans_travels

    Very cool. We were there today as well.

  13. amandamcnally_

    Thanks @mrmariokeil

  14. mrmariokeil

    Lovely shot.

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