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What will you do today to bring you closer to your goals? If you missed this morning's #Firestorm  session, there's still space in tonight's classes 🔥⚡️


  1. fara.skyr


  2. stuartmaltese

    @jesswinna I was dead mate!! The sad thing was it was @bridgetta_beck second class!! I'm hopeless lol

  3. jesswinna

    @stuartmaltese you run out of steam mate? 😂😂

  4. stuartmaltese

    @bridgetta_beck BaHAHAHAHA so was!!

  5. bridgetta_beck

    @stuartmaltese HAHAHHA must have been 3 seconds to go 😂

  6. stuartmaltese

    BaHAHAHAHA great!! Post a pic of me struggling while @bridgetta_beck is going RIGHT OFF!! Lol