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  1. rileycinema

    Great setup

  2. frankapollonio

    What handles are those?

  3. soloh_shadi

    Ehi Shane! Where are you in Italy?!

  4. wtthif

    The eye cush looks comfy

  5. triplestrikemedia

    Nice looking rig! Battle ready!

  6. kevinshaw23

    What is the EVF setup?

  7. shanehurlbutasc

    @frankapollonio MovCam

  8. shanehurlbutasc

    @soloh_shadi Ischia

  9. shanehurlbutasc

    @wtthif it is

  10. shanehurlbutasc

    @kevinshaw23 MovCam

  11. kevinshaw23

    Oh that's part of the cage too? Thought it was made from different manufacturer.

  12. valentinacanigliadp

    I like the fact that is a small camera and it move easily everywhere especially In Ischia where the location are small. That's a great set up. Quick question why did you decide to go with Red opposed to another camera?

  13. shanehurlbutasc

    @valentinacanigliadp I love the RED because I still feel like I am exposing an emulsion.

  14. kevin.j.thomson

    God. Let me be your still photographer. This kit is glorious 😍

  15. valentinacanigliadp

    @shanehurlbutasc I see... we all love film. Enjoy filming in Ischia!

  16. 1cboggs

    @shanehurlbutasc that movcam EVF setup looks like just what i need for my epic-w kit. thanks for sharing!

  17. blueshape_it


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