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Oh you know just getting letters ready to go out to creditors who ran my credit never buy a car at metro Nissan they pulled my credit 15 times after I already left the dealership financed with capital 1 auto was making first payment and was being sent denial letters the week I was making payments time to take back control of my credit enough is enough #disputeletters #creditrepair #certifiedletters #usps #nothingbuttime #experian #transunion #equifax #700club


  1. vanillagorilla760

    @lance_emery_photography trying to get it to 700 looking to buy a house I'm right there like 25 points away these all dropped it from auto financing they did me extremely dirty haha hopefully I can get it up like 15 to 20 points have 20 inquiries lol killed my fico

  2. lance_emery_photography

    Some inquiries don't count against your score.

  3. lance_emery_photography

    You can get a free copy of your credit report from each agency once a year. Then they will send you a fresh copy with each thing that is corrected and dropped off by your dispute letters.

  4. mxmomma_05

    @vanillagorilla760 awesome thank you! On a mission now

  5. rapalacanada

    @vanillagorilla760 🙏

  6. vanillagorilla760

    @mxmomma_05 you have to write letters asking for proof of a contract bearing your personal signature authorizing them to pull credit they have 30 days to respond back with proof

  7. mxmomma_05

    They did that to us at the Dodge dealer. It's been 3 months and we ended up buying a Kia and they still sending denial letters. So how are you doing it? @vanillagorilla760

  8. vanillagorilla760

    @rob_g06 start by pulling your credit reports subscribe to experian it's like 29.00 a month and they give you access to all 3 credit reporting agency's

  9. rob_g06

    Put me up on game. What i gotta do?