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While everyone is scrambling for the new iphone, Apple is ordering more #HandArmorLiquidChalk for their employee weightroom. 
We ❤️Apple.⠀
Shown: Our 32 oz Pump. also available with a wall mount!

#nomess #gym #corporategym #chalkup #OneChalkToRuleThemAll


  1. wanda_woman92

    I must have!!!!

  2. stegfittv


  3. jacobvincecustom

    Well done 👍🏼

  4. lkeysfitness


  5. handarmorchalk

    @barbellbombshellpwr We ❤️ high expectations! 💪💪💪

  6. barbellbombshellpwr

    @handarmorchalk Not Sure My Boss Will Buy In Bulk She May Be 1 Year old but she has some high expectations haha

  7. handarmorchalk

    @airforcej14 thank you! 🙏

  8. airforcej14

    Dam ballin

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