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Which one would you choose and why πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ #creditrepair #credit #mortgage #cashmoney #850 #credithelp


  1. hamer_ryan

    @arturodinero see now you are thinking! It's not the debt that is bad it's a matter of how you use the debt to your advantage which is key! We are often taught that having debt is a horrible thing paying off a mortgage is the best thing but when you have equity in your house it's dead money. It's about using that Equity to leverage other Investments but that's a whole other story. I like how you think brother!

  2. 202theseries

    Hey check out a series I created called @202theseries Link in bio

  3. iqloanguy

    C. Credit score of 850 allows me to leverage my credit, Be my own bank to invest in real estate. The passive income then pays my debts, which frees up my income to save $50,000+. #wealth  #richgetricher 

  4. synergy7coach

    Cash is king

  5. csmith502

    C the ultimate goal

  6. bubblelistings


  7. hb_foreverever

    B all them scammers who done ran it up on me man I need debt free πŸ˜‚

  8. yellosquarenupe

    @73s_fuck_da_rest that's the point, you won't have an 850 without not only a credit history, along with many other factors working in your favor.

  9. mymortgageadvisor

    thecreditlady800 I am a big fan of this pic

  10. ashbak711

    The money. I could pay off all my debt, then my credit score would be 850 and have over half the money left to out down on a home

  11. candeegurl

    B...once all my debt is paid off it would be easier for me to save the 50k & my credit score would increase

  12. nsmcrae29

    C. Alll day!

  13. tanyadthomas

    All of the above please and thank you 😏

  14. arturodinero

    C, I can hustle up that 50k with that score

  15. iamcarrollcounty

    850 credit score

  16. missizcrayton

    I'll take A ! I need a down payment on a house

  17. kamorgan2017

    I would take sick of owing people then C good credit is everything...A is last because money wouldn't be hard to keep at this point.

  18. theedannette_pettis

    A cause my debt not that amount and I could use some to pay off the debt which would raise my credit score and IF I was a credit user, it would get back up and I still have money!

  19. bigsteppa100

    C 850 credit score then u can do a and b

  20. 73s_fuck_da_rest

    Credit good with nice income! Not by itself....

  21. 73s_fuck_da_rest

    A cause if you don't have credit history a 850 don't mean SHIT! Trust me they still talking how much you make in a year to get a loan, still gone give you a hard time only thing good you gone get a low interest rate πŸ‘€πŸ‘ŽπŸΎ

  22. aku_sajata

    If I get $50k I could get my credit score to 850

  23. moore_my_way_

    All of the above

  24. grumpsta6

    C and that 50k to pay all my debt off

  25. thecreditlady800

    @clo913 ok great call me 678-663-5672

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