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Which one would you choose and why 🤷🏾‍♀️ #creditrepair #credit #mortgage #cashmoney #850 #credithelp


  1. arturodinero

    C, I can hustle up that 50k with that score

  2. tanyadthomas

    All of the above please and thank you 😏

  3. nsmcrae29

    C. Alll day!

  4. candeegurl

    B...once all my debt is paid off it would be easier for me to save the 50k & my credit score would increase

  5. ashbak711

    The money. I could pay off all my debt, then my credit score would be 850 and have over half the money left to out down on a home

  6. mymortgageadvisor

    thecreditlady800 I am a big fan of this pic

  7. yellosquarenupe

    @73s_fuck_da_rest that's the point, you won't have an 850 without not only a credit history, along with many other factors working in your favor.

  8. hb_foreverever

    B all them scammers who done ran it up on me man I need debt free 😂

  9. csmith502

    C the ultimate goal

  10. synergy7coach

    Cash is king

  11. 202theseries

    Hey check out a series I created called @202theseries Link in bio

  12. hamer_ryan

    @arturodinero see now you are thinking! It's not the debt that is bad it's a matter of how you use the debt to your advantage which is key! We are often taught that having debt is a horrible thing paying off a mortgage is the best thing but when you have equity in your house it's dead money. It's about using that Equity to leverage other Investments but that's a whole other story. I like how you think brother!

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