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  1. bfirst_apparel205

    Okay thats beautiful you neeedddd to of course boss our clothin comp.. =) Particular knowledge is this primary IG!! Direct it dis second

  2. breannaa_16

    Well crap... gauss I'm fat

  3. darth_squatious

    @breannaa_16 no you look great I was referring to @chris_triple_d when I said "if you don't have abs your fat"

  4. breannaa_16

    Ohhh😂😂💪🏼 an thanksss

  5. chris_triple_d

    @1999belle_strong but jason doesnt have abs

  6. darth_squatious

    @chris_triple_d Jason @juicyjay_21 is my mentor his knowledge and juiciness makes up for it so he is not fat

  7. chris_triple_d

    @1999belle_strong i thought quamar was your master?

  8. darth_squatious

    @chris_triple_d nope I just want to be as aesthetic and strong as @qamarlevalero #quamar  strong

  9. chris_triple_d

    @1999belle_strong youll never be quamar strong

  10. qamarlevalero


  11. _angelina_softball

    Damn you be putting in the work❤️

  12. darth_squatious

    @_angelina_softball every day😊😊