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  1. culinary_immigration

    Wow beautiful!

  2. thetatteredapronbakery

    @3vintage_kitties well, it can serve up to 20 ppl!!!

  3. 3vintage_kitties

    @thetatteredapronbakery thanks! Also, how many would you say that serves and how in advance would you need an order?

  4. thetatteredapronbakery

    @3vintage_kitties this cake is $52-

  5. 3vintage_kitties

    How much would something like this cost?!

  6. kjmackphotography

    @thetatteredapronbakery great I'll call this afternoon! 😍

  7. thetatteredapronbakery

    You can call! 253-845-4365

  8. kjmackphotography

    How would go about ordering something like this? Do I need to come in or can I order online?

  9. thetatteredapronbakery

    @nicolemcampbell we can!!!!!

  10. nicolemcampbell

    Would you be able to make a specialty cake like a gender reveal cake perhaps? 😊 @thetatteredapronbakery

  11. jayneymarie

    Love this!!! πŸ¦„πŸŽ‚

  12. dodsonfamilyoffour

    I love it!!! 😍