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I haven’t paid for any of the materials so far, this is a pretty good start. #drivewayquarter #freelumber #skateforlife #havefun #makecoolshit #dadgang #oms #kook


  1. louieville_slugger24

    That's gonna be rad!

  2. averagewhitemalefigure

    I'm gonna be in tupelo visiting my dad next weekend. We should skate dude

  3. detroitpist77

    Bad ass bro. I do the same thing I have a nice supply of 2x4 and plywood I get from when we finish a job. @coryridesaskateboard

  4. coryridesaskateboard

    I doubt this ramp will be done but I’ll be around, holler at me I live about a mile from the skatepark.

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