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β€” does this remind you more of spongebob & patrick or strawberry & banana? πŸŒπŸ“ β€” ^ or what does it remind you of in general? also throwback to cubes :)


  1. isla.birney.123

    Spongebob and Patrick

  2. bai.xian_


  3. alisahealy

    spongebob and patrick

  4. kassandra.enriquezz

    Sponge bob and Patrick

  5. poppunkslimes

    SpongeBob and Patrick

  6. avadesant1

    Strawberry and banana

  7. sea_slimezz_

    Spongebob and Patrick

  8. issa_._kayla

    Spongebob and Patrick

  9. marcia._.x

    Strawberry n banana

  10. muntaha_khan07

    Reminds me of a sponge and a pink highlighter πŸ˜‚

  11. ieb_xox

    When I read the caption I thought sponge bob and Patrick Xx

  12. seokjinslimes

    strawb n banlabaa

  13. supitslyssa

    It reminds me of yellow and pink starburst

  14. mod3stmouse

    Spongebob and Patrick

  15. is_toe_even_a_thumb

    spongebob & pat

  16. festive.lili.xo

    Reminds me of them fruit salad chews

  17. _jordy.jo_

    Patrick and spongebob or pink lemonade

  18. frankie.r1835

    Spongebob and Patrick

  19. st_ranger_things

    Patric and spongboob

  20. adriela_._12

    for me it’s pink lemonade

  21. thatdamnedbloodynose

    Mangos and strawberrys

  22. cugart2

    Strawberry and banana

  23. lucylee.parker

    Sponge bob & patrick

  24. literallysmores



    @doraemipasollatidoe the best one

  26. owls.slimez

    Strawberry banana

  27. maddie.vanmuyden


  28. ___liv94

    @bctorre next time she restocks I’m buying

  29. amanda_wilderr

    @hecateu i thought of pink lemonade πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  30. emma.needs_serious.help_13

    Spongebob and Patrick

  31. greenbloom2104

    Strawberry Banana

  32. foxy_slimer_

    Strawberry and banana

  33. emilyglife

    Sponge Bob &Patrick

  34. youtrashyputa


  35. kaavya_mehrotra

    Spongebob and Patrick!!

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