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— are you excited for thanksgiving break? 🦃


  1. kittykotslimes

    It’s Christmas now so no 😂

  2. taylortheisen16

    I’m excited for Christmas break

  3. sparkleandshine06

    What is this called

  4. trendsettaaa.lonii

    @d.est.i.n.yy @yea_itssky

  5. jillianv4

    @chocolate_slimes_14 same lol

  6. erinoldham_


  7. naturepicsnstuff

    @allisonmariia @madieraebailey @_cu_mom YISSS

  8. 8895__

    Click the link in my bio to make some extra money 💰

  9. chocolate_slimes_14

    No I already had thanksgiving bc I live in Canada and we have thanksgiving in October

  10. pistolsnsinbin


  11. woahh.slime_

    Heck yeah

  12. juliaabridges

    yes. so. very. excited.

  13. xxtotallytayxx

    I was... but now I'm sick🤠🔫🔫

  14. peachycreemyslimes

    I don’t have thanksgiving break >:-((((

  15. aplus.slime

    yall AMERICANS 😤😤😤

  16. beautifullyrevealed


  17. kennedybarillariiii

    No because I don’t Live in the USA so I already have Thanksgiving in October

  18. slimeypopsickle

    5 days off uh huh

  19. cotton__candy__girl

    Make a thanksgiving slime

  20. justpeachyslimez

    im already off , and yup

  21. rubykk990

    How do u make your slimes

  22. riridoriii


  23. schnauzer.slimery

    Ye but I'm only missing 1 extra day :(

  24. kardemomm

    @annje.12 Same but mine just started today 🤔

  25. annje.12

    i live in ca so i had it ages ago

  26. tabbycat161

    Thanksgiving was in October for Canadians

  27. deckthehallsbih

    Appreciate the natives day? Im hyped for the food :)

  28. ellen.may12

    No cos we dont have it in England 😭

  29. mayaparker123_11226

    I don't have thanksgiving gin the U.K

  30. marble._.slimes

    Love this!!❤️❤️❤️

  31. federica.becciu

    @giiuliafadda dobbiamo farlo così

  32. leah.owo

    Mine started already

  33. maraudersslime

    We don't have thanksgiving in Australia lmao

  34. gabby.213


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