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Quick and easy! Instant noodles with all the leftovers I have in my fridge🍜! #instantnoodle #noodlesoup #mamanoodles #leftovers #quickandeasy #simplemeal #foodie #foodpost #instagood #instayum #foodaddict #eeeeeats #f52grams #asianfood #yummy #homecooking #huongkitchens


  1. tere_prb

    Ow look at that yellow egg

  2. mslindadoan

    @yensplate Thanks sis😃

  3. mslindadoan

    @foodie_mama125 Thank you Linda 😁

  4. mslindadoan

    @kuma_im_not_a_fox and no food go to waste 😃

  5. mslindadoan

    @paperplatechef Thank you so much 😊

  6. mslindadoan

    @tere_prb Thank you Thank you😄

  7. vivianneskitchen

    Superb babe!

  8. liamoanakaneko

    I need to raid that fridge and confiscate all your leftovers! 😋😋😋

  9. _______dangth


  10. randy_monio


  11. le_homecooking

    Looks yummy

  12. quantuoi

    @_______dangth 😳 làm cho a đi :)))

  13. quantuoi

    @_______dangth h hết tiền chắc chỉ ăn mì gói thôi😂

  14. myvietnamesemum

    So delicious 😋

  15. chicagofoodfanatic

    @simon.tung.chi we do get some dank ramen thoooo

  16. lisimsta

    The eggs 🥚😋

  17. mslindadoan

    @vivianneskitchen Thanks sis!

  18. mslindadoan

    @liamoanakaneko that how i use all my leftovers 😁

  19. dunggtu

    yummy 😋

  20. wallacekim3104


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